Why Gaza under attack??

By Temel Karamolaoğlu
Turkish leader and Islami Scholar
First of all, I would like to thank the Muslim Institute and Motamar Al-Alam Al-Islam for asking me to express my opinion, on the Israeli; aggression in Gazza, to a distinguished gathering in Islamabad.
Unfortunately the World is witnessing carnage and war-crimes committed by Israel, without any response from the so-called democratic countries and organisations, supposedly, have made the protection of human rights and international law, their guiding principles in international affairs.
No doubt, today we are facing a double standard in the application of these principles
Their attitude is such that, the life of three Jewish youth is very important, but the killing of two thousand Palestinians are not worth mentioning, as a result, when talking about the Gaza massacre by Israel, western leaders stand with the exclamation that “Israel has the right to defend herself without feeling any shame and disgrace they have no humane feeling on compassion fort he 450 Palestinian children massacred by Israel.
I do not want to go into detail of what has been happening in Palestine, but I know that some of the World media have been able to Show to the World the ruthless carnage the Israel army has committed in Gazza.
One cannot comprehend the insensitivity of the Israeli and the Western leader.
There was a total lack of compassion when talking to the media, as if hundreds of children, woman and elderly were not killed by the indiscriminate Israeli bombing of Gazza. Especially the intentional bombing of UN shelters.
Why everyone is so merciless?
Don’t any of them have any humane feeling and compassion for He Palestinians.
Why USA, EU countries and UN officials are incapable of raising their voice or taking any steps when Israel commits war crimes. Is Israel immune from punishment?
The answer to this question is unfortunately yes.
No western country or international Institution can do to rebuke Israel.
The answer is simple; because those who have established Israel, that is the Zionists, rule he World today.
As a result, no one dare to take any action against the crimes of Israel.
They virtually rule he countries and the international organisations.
Why and How?
This is the question that we have to find the answer.
To be able to understand this, we have to go back in history how and why Israel was established.
There was no country called Israel one hundred years ago, not even seventy years ago.
The decision to establish Israel was taken in Basel Switzerland during the first Zionist congress, organised by Theodor Herzl in 1897.
In those years, the Jewish people in Europe were considered second class citizens and were treated disrespectfully.
But they were skilful in business, art and there were many rich businessmen among them.
At the same time they were a very close community and staunch observers of their religion.
They believed that they were the chosen people of God-Almighty. Although they were generally despised by the Europeans they believed that, the rest of the human beings were created to serve hem. And the land between Euphrates and Nile, were promised to them as their home, by God. Thus it was their right to settle in Palestine and push the Palestinians out.
The decision to establish Israel in Palestine was taken in that Zionist congress.
Of course there were very many obstacles and Palestine under the rule of Ottomans at that time.
Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid Han was against such a decision so, they decided to remove the obstacles.
First Sultan Abdulhamid was made to abdicate and then the Ottoman State was destroyed and the Khilafat was abolished.
Towards the end of I. W.W the British Government with e letter to Lord Rothschild, promised that, after the War, Britain will support the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
However, the establishment of Israel could only be accomplished after the II. W.W with the consent of the three victors; namely Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, by the UN in 1948.
The driving force behind this process was the Zionist lobby.
Today, this Lobby controls and owns all the international financial institutions.
In USA Banks, big business and stock-market, conglomerates are owned or totally controlled by Zionists.
In addition, since 1970’s, so-called Christian-Zionist or evangelists have been giving full support to the expansion terrorist activities of Israel.
With huge financial resources they own most of the media, newspapers, magazines and TV stations, as a result influence politicians, control parliaments and governments. There is embargo to the news of Gazza that is why the general public is unaware of what is happening in Gazza. Because the media never Show pictures of carnage committed by Israeli soldiers.
Only through social media and a few TV Stations was the conscience of the public in the West aroused and as a result hundreds of thousands were in the streets to protest the Israeli atrocities and urge their governments to take action against Israel.
Under these circumstances its futile to expect any positive response from capitalist countries and UN.
They have created this monster and now they dare not take any step to prevent Israelis atrocities.
However in the West there is a growing Muslim population and a youth sensitive to human-right abuses.
It’s possible to establish contact with these groups through social media and constantly inform them about the developments.
We can hope, in the long run, that these groups will be able to influence their political leaders to take the appropriate decisions.
As to the Muslim countries, present condition and attitudes of the governments seem to be hopeless, excluding a small minority.
In some countries there is the lack of insecurity and timidness toward this type of oppression in addition, almost all the Muslim countries have economic and other relations with the western countries and they do not want to put this relationship at risk.
At the same time most of the Muslim countries do not have friendly relationship with each other.
Unfortunately, within the last decade conflicts within the Muslim countries have increased.
On top of all this, very many Muslim countries have internal conflicts; as a result they are incapable of taking any steps against Israelis aggressions.
The spirit which was behind the establishers of OIC in 1969 and D-8 in 1997 and Arab League is lost and they are incapable of any action.
This is a shame,
The population of Muslim countries is nearing 2 billion and we have the richest resources in the World.
We have brilliant scientists, businessman and intellectuals.
The public in these countries feel in their hart, misery and anguish for their oppressed brothers and sisters.
This means, there is a vacuumed of leadership in Muslim World.
I know that leaders do not emerge through a planed education and training it is a God-given attribute
But, we Muslims have the capability and moral values, to stand up under unfavourable conditions we accomplished this in the past, and can do so now.
We believe in Allah (c.c) and know that he is all-powerful and all-mighty if we resort to overcome these catastrophes. He will help us and guide us to overcome the problems.
We have to urge our governments not to stay still take certain steps, like economic embargo etc. And establish mutual policies with other Muslim countries towards Israel.
Here, I must mention and thank the South-American countries. They have taken steps that we should have taken. But were too limit to etc.
Anyhow, it is appropriate and necessary that we should establish contact with them.
To conclude,
As Muslim countries to take action, we must come together. We must establish mutual policies otherwise, what is happening in Gazza today, will hit our countries tomorrow.

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