Development Concept: Responsibilities of the Development Practitioners

‘Development’ and subsequently “Sustainable Development” have been the buzz word today. Many dimensions are discussed here n there regarding these words. Many new thoughts are coming in front of us as well. But still one most important dimension is missing in the discussions of development & sustainable development arena. This dimension is-

“the moral/ spiritual dimension”

Sustainable Development CycleWe feel this missing again & again. No discussion of development / sustainable development can be fulfilled without it. No development can be ‘sustainable’ without that point. So the fourth essential element, along with social, economical & environmental, of Sustainable development should be ‘the spiritual or moral dimension’.

Human being has two type of basic needs like the Aryan truth. One type of needs for his/her physical entity and the other type of needs for his/her spiritual entity. So two types of basic needs must be fulfilled by two types of different entities. Three dimensions, social, economic & environmental, that are discussed as the integral part of sustainable development, can only fulfill the physical needs of the human being. so another entity must be supplied to fulfill the spiritual needs of the human being.

Until that need remains unfulfilled, a human being can never be satisfied and/ or get happiness. so to satisfy this dimensions, an extra entity must be added as the integral part of Sustainable development. And Spiritual/ moral dimension can be that part only.

So it is the prime responsibility of the development practitioners across the world including Bangladesh, specially the muslim development practitioners, is to take initiatives to incorporate the missing dimension in the development concept. Otherwise the poor or the neglected part of the society would never be able to lift their standard of life and the thievery of the richer section of people or the capitalists never be ended which will make the execution of the goals of the MDGs or SDGs impossible.

Again, the saying of the Mahatma Ghandhi is worth mentioning here:

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”



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  1. Zobayer Ahmed
    Zobayer Ahmed at |

    Its a good point you have raised.
    Let the work be started on it.

    1. M.R. Alam
      M.R. Alam at |

      Thanks Zobayer Ahmed. Works on this point might already have done. We should have found those, discussed those, spread those and try to develop, if possible….


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