An enlighten nation on the way to darkness

An enlighten nation on the way to darkness end…..!

Amimul Ahsan Tanim


As a human rights worker while residing in the UK which is one of the world most popular country for free speech and human rights. And hence I decided to put this article name in such way.

This article could hurt someone still when my eyes looking at the free speech and human rights violation in Bangladesh moreover when I see courageous writers are brutally killed in the street like as happened in medieval period my pen oblige me to write.

Voting is very basic human right for every citizen in any democratic country though when I see people in Bangladesh don’t have this right as it seen in the City Corporation Election of Bangladesh. In many places throughout the country people are tormented while they are out for voting, many of them found their vote is already placed while they arrived for voting at polling station.  This is a clear violation of human rights. While every electronic & paper media are saying that the voting process was unfair and full of misconduct the Government is busy to cover up their corruption through saying the whole electoral system is fair. As a developing country this could happen in some places and a good Government should acknowledged it and trying to prevent it in their level best.

On the other hand if I share my personal experience than that would be easier to understand for us. Since I worked as human rights activists of Amnesty International I wrote letter to the influential Member of UK Parliamentary candidate in relation to the establishment of human rights act and stop the torture across the world.  And within just 4/5 days before the parliamentary election held they wrote to me.   They all agreed and want to stand on the fact of establishing human rights act and stop torture across the globe.  For your understating I am noting the writing from Rushanar Ali former Shadow Minister who passed the election as a MP-‘I am proud that previous Labour Government introduced the Human Rights Act, which incorporates into UK law the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). My Labour Colleague and I also believe that at the UK must remain at the heart of global efforts to uphold the international global ban on torture.  My labour colleagues and I are committed to uphold human rights domestically and promote them abroad We will put human rights, individual freedom and democracy at the heart of our foreign policy and we will promote gender equality, the eradication of poverty and inclusive economic growth. ’

The writing of politician does not mean that whatever she saying would do it. Here the fact shows that politician has the courage to say the truth, courage to say no to the oppression. If I looked back to my home country than this courage and honesty to stand against falsehood and oppression is missing from our politician. Our politicians don’t have that courage or moral values in the least level to say the truth such as recognizing murder as murder, kidnap as kidnap, and fraud as fraud.

Surprisingly not only our politician but also majority of our intellectual and so-called human rights activists are bias that they are not talking against the gross violation of human rights.   They are either facilitate by the government or feared by government. They are so blind.   For instance they are talking about trivial human rights issues but they can’t see the gross violation of human rights e.g.   International media said that there are many Bangladeshis are floating in the never-ending sea in the same boat with Ruhinga Muslim who had sufferings in an unbearable level. But the human rights activists and Government have no say on that issue.  BBC journalist questioned our Prime Minister Shekeh Hasina about the Ruhingua refugee particularly Bangladeshi national.  While she replied that this not our problem this is a problem for Myanmar. How a prime minister can say this while own country people are victimized? Isn’t it a gross violation of human rights? Where are our human rights?


On the other hand if we look at UK, when in a European Union Crisis meeting Italian Prime Minister asked Britain to help Syrian refugee. UK home Secretary Theresa May puts her hands over her ears and goes “la-la-la-la-la-la-la”.  This creates enormous debates in the civil society and human rights organization and creates questions in regards to the democratic and peaceful policy of UK. Moreover it creates storm of criticism among the civil society and human rights activists. In this regards in most popular daily newspaper published from London Called Evening Standard Richard Godwin writes: ‘It shames us to turn our backs on Syria’s refugees’.


My heart start bleeding while I see in my country human rights are violated in every day I found there is no such person like Richard Godwin who stand out from the crowd and speak against injustice and oppression through overcoming all fears.


However it is true if someone took step like Richard Godwin may be ceased inside the ironic prison cells. Like Mr Mahmudur Rahman editor of daily Amar Desh or many others who stand out against oppression.

But in UK Home Secretary Theresa May can’t stop the freedom of speech of Richard Godwin or others who are against her policy. As they cross the line of slavery and oppression in long way back in 1215 A.D. by the Magna Carta and 1689 Bill of Rights Act.   In contra Bangladesh still is waiting for a Magana Carta to happen. How far we have to go? How long we have to go? …For this Magna Carta.


I will end up my writing today through looking at the highest level of punishment in my country so called death penalty.  Death penalty is questionable punishment in the present civil world. Furthermore, when death penalty become a mean of abuse and degrades people right through unfair justice. Than it make humiliated to say that I am civilian from a civil country.  Present government staging drama through putting the burden of killing 3 million people in the heads 3 to 4 peoples and want to hang them up.  I don’t want to comment on whether they are guilty or not in war crime but I do anxious that if my nation become colour in the pages of history for next generation through making an unfair trail and questionable judiciary system while the court failed to proof the  defendant was liable ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. This is a basis of criminal liability for any criminal offence.

Just want to finish my article with the speech of AMENSTY International with a hope that it may open the eyes of people who have a mind of understanding.   AMENSTY International writes in regard to the clarity and fairness of International War Crime tribunal of Bangladeshi ’the trial International Crime Tribunal Bangladesh means a trail against humanity which is done by present tribunal

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