Erbakan and Milli Görüş

ERBAKAN: “Our aim is to establish the Truth and Justice. We have to show our effort until our death”
*Mr. Recai Kutan: who is the friend of Ustaj Najmuddin Erbakan.
Mr. Recai Kutan, who was born in 1930 at Malatya in Turkey. He is one of the prominent politicians and technocrat in Turkey. As a technocrat he did a lot for the development of Turkey. He makes the plan, projects and constructs many dam which is very much important for the development of Turkey. To serve the nation and the Ummah he entered into the politics. Mr. Kutan was the top leader of MSP, MNP, RP movement and he served as the Energy and Trade minister. Now he is a politician and he also playing his role in the cultural field. He is also the President of Economic and Social Research Centre (ESAM). He is leading to submit very effective plan and project to solve the problems of the nation.
* Sir, we want to listen about Ustaj Erbakan from you.
He passed away in 27th of February 2011. There were a big number of people who present his funeral, in our history there is no any example before. It is not easy to describe about the leader of Milli Görüş, Prof. Dr. Erbakan. It is very big honor for me to explain about Ustaj Erbakan. First of all, I seek mercy for him from Allah (SWT). I worked with Ustaj nearly about 64 years. Our relationships started when I was at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). In his good days, bad days even in the prison about one year we were together. Before that, I would like to explain his extraordinary characteristic which was so much influential for everyone.
He was born in 1926 at the city of Sinop and he has passed away in 2011. In his 85 years life he worked just worked for the sake of Allah and to establish the “Dheen” in the world, to build a livable and greater Turkey. Also to construct a new world based on Justice and Truth. Briefly to perform JİHAD he worked whole heartedly and there is no any other example like him. He was a captain, who wanted to turn the ship of Turkey into the Ummah not to the west. He not only influenced in Turkey but also influenced the Islamic World. Last time I was attend a conference in Kuwait and Sudan in the topics of “Turk-Arab Relationship’’ and “Turk-Africa Relationship’’. In the conference, I become amazed by their respect and concern about Erbakan. All of them whole heartedly said that “Erbakan was not only the leader of Turkey but also he was the leader of us”.
Najmuddin Erbakan, in the last 40-50 years he done a lot of changes for our nation. When there were so many big offers upon him such as a great scientist, a rich man, a comfortable life but he chose hard way to be a great Muslim and to serve the Ummah.
All the time he said that Islam is not only related with Namaz, Fasting and Hajj. There is a great important of JİHAD in Islam. Every moment he remembered that, in any condition we have to work a lot to establish the Truth (HAQ) and Tajkiyaye Nafs (I couldn’t understand the word) as our basis. “Namaz is the pillar of Dheen and the Jihad is summit’’, “We do not do politics we do Jihad’’. To build the Truth (Haq), and goodness we have to work at our end. In this faith he worked with whole heartedly and he never thinks how the path is.
Ustaj Erbakan acquired a great Islamic education. He was very much polite person. Whenever he talked to anyone he talked to them respectfully, it can be any one. He never said “I” did this or that, he said we did. He never put his leg over on another leg. He was a pious man. He never forgets the name of Allah, whenever he took a page to write something obviously he wrote its right side “Bismillah” (In the name of Allah) before his writing. In every meeting he was stated by Suratul Fatiha and finished it with also this Sura.
He brought the Islamic persons into the politics. By giving the responsibility to religious women he also brought them to establish the dheen of Allah. Till the date those who were rightist and religious persons but they were in the western ideology based party they leave those parties and joined the Erbakan’s party. This is one of his great services to the nation. In 1970’s pious and religious persons those who served western ideology based party they can rescue themselves to serve the west and western values by join the Ebakan’s Party.
A leader cannot be a leader by saying that “I became a leader”. Look at the life of Ustaj Erbakan by the grace of Allah he comes to this position step by step. He took a very good Islamic education from his family. In his student life, he was first in position in every class. In Istanbul Technical University entrance exam, he showed a great success. For this reason, he started form the second year. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University in first class. On the basis of this success it was the almighty’s bestowed fabulous intelligence and memory. By evaluating these qualities, our people give him this name “Mujahid Erbakan” and “Erbakan Hoja”.
I met and introduced with Ustaj Erbakan in 1947 when I was entered Istanbul Technical University. He was the last year student. He made an abandoned building of ITU backyard of garden as a Masjid. Where, he prayed and giving speech about various issues. After the graduations, he became assistance in the Motor and Engine Department. After sometimes university send him to Germany for research. In Germany, at the short time he finished his PhD and prepared 3 research papers. He became youngest Asst. Prof. in Turkey when he was only 27. After return from Germany, all the time he said that what is the difference between Turkey and Germany, why we do not discover domestic engine, why do we buy from them?
After this experience, by the pressure of his friends he became candidate for the parliamentary election form Konya. He was elected and entered to the parliament. In the parliament, he became the voice of Muslims. He made the most effective work in the parliament with new posts. A very different language, a very different interpretations he arouses astonishment. In 1970, he founded the Milli Nizam Party (National Order Party). With the great interest of people at the short time, this party became an organized party all over Turkey by using “Ethics and Spirituality First” slogan. He invited the people to protect Turkey’s own history.
Ustaj Erbakan took example from the leaders, who change our history. He recognize Sultan Alparslan a great leader of Milli Görüş, he is our courage. He is the great leader and Mujahid who open the door of Anatolia for Muslims. Ismet Pasha said that, “An engineer come out in politics, he says that in our school. we will teach our children the book of Imam Gazzali, Imam Rabbani. It is impossible in Turkey”.
Former Prime Minister and President of Turkey, Suleyman Demirel once asked Ustaj Erbakan, “You say our mentality is Milli Görüş. What is this Milli Görüş? Still I could not understand what this is?” Ustaj Erbakan was giving the answer of this question in everywhere like this, “Any person without rearing the belief of Malazgirt how it was won! In Kosovo and Niğbolu in which faith we went to preach the Islam there! Why Ulubatlı Hasanoğlu try to conquire Istanbul and how Sultan Muhammad Fatih riding his horse into the sea! How Seyyid Cağuşoğlu through 250kg stone to the ship by saying Ya Allah! Without entering in Sakaraya Trench will not be able to understand the Milli Görüş”. This is the Milli Görüş, this is the values of our nation, faith and history. Milli Görüş is the symbol of that.
National Order Party (Milli Nizam Party) was banned with some factious facts and unlawful practices. If there any other leader and if his party were banned may be he were worried and left politics. But Erbakan was totally different form them, Ustaj Erbakan and his friends in that time said that “We are like iron steel, so more as you beat us we will be much stronger”. And they never give important on that issue. After the Milli Nizam Party (National Order Party) banned by the government, the MSP (Milli Selamet Party), RP (Refah Party) and FP (Fazilet Party) in the same unlawful way. But they cannot able to prevent Milli Görüş from their ideology and belief. Because of faithful and determined Milli Görüş ideologist people, they are determined to work in this at any cost.
After the banning of Milli Nizam Party (National Order party), organization members come to Ankara and were curiously asking our brother Suleyman Arif Emre. Brother, what will we do now? He also wisely asked them, “If anybody’s ablution is broke what he does? Go and take ablution again, it or not? We also do same we will make a new ablution and we will form a new party”. He replied like this. They broke our ablution 4 times, each time we have renewed our ablution. Currently Milli Görüş continuing its work by the name of Saadet Party. After the banning of Refah Party, Ustaj Erbakan said that, “I appeal to our entire community. More peace than ever, let us respect the serenity. This event is actually a simple process in the extraordinary course of history. This style, longed for a leader, a statesman heart reflects the real burning love with the country and nation”. After the military coup of 12th of September 1980 with fabricated reasons, Ustaj Erbakan and 23 his friends were arrested. Approxiemately 1 year they were in the jail after that they acquitted.
So, why these parties were banned? Why Ustaj Erbakan and His friends were arrested and put into jail? What was the reality? What was there crime? You can find the answer of these question’s in the speech of prosecutor what he said in the court. Prosecutors accused the defendants had said. “They are working for an Islamic terminology JIHAD, briefly the dominance of the right’s (Haq), dominance of Islam. According to rules of Islam, Namaz, Fasting and doing Jihad is compulsory and related with belief. If it needs every Muslim have to sacrifice his life and wealth. The way of Jihad is “Preaching Truth (Haq)” and “Preaching Islam”. Persons those who are undertake to explain Islam must adhere to the following principles. He has to know very well what he is preaching, he has to live in his life what he is saying, advice to patience and advice to Truth (Haq).Those who do not want to accept Islam it should not pressurize to them to accept this, we can just advice them. For these reason Dawah and Tableeg must be made to the sweet language and smiling face. Those who are doing work of Dawah and Tableeg their family and their relatives should be on their first priority. Who will be the work of Dawah and Tableeg, that means who will perform to preaching Islam? For this reason, organization is very much required. So, to preach the Islam and teaching people about Islam, leaders of Milli Nizam Party (National Order party) are responsible for this. They are doing this work. They did such kind of crime. May be you understand. These are not my speech; it has been said in the court by the prosecutor. No doubt Milli Görüş ideologist people became so much happy by listening that and become honored for doing such kind of crime.
The best practice of Milli Görüş Economic model has been during 1996-1997. When, Najmuddin Erbakan was the 54th prime minister of Turkey. This model became successful in the country and in abroad as well;
* Based on the most advanced level of cooperation with Muslim countries, a new foreign policy emerged.
* Islamic United Nations,
* Islamic NATO,
* Islamic UNESCO,
* Islamic Currency (Dinar),
* “A New World” D-8 project brought together the eight Muslim countries,
* Despite the opposition of our coalition, we would be able to become full member of OIC.
* Under the leadership of Erbakan, Cyprus been victorious.
As I mentioned above, the life of the Milli Görüş Coalition long last even been a year. But in such a short period of time, we able to bring a great success in the social, economic, and foreign policy. In that day nobody even thinks about that, we also took many important decisions in various sectors to serve the nations.
Although he has passed away but still Erbakan’s strong voice in the sky. As time goes Ustaj Erbakan is going to more understandable. Just as the grandeur of a mountain, as further you go you will see it more clearly. Upon all of us Ustaj Erbakan has a great labor and right, again may we are seeking Allah SWT mercy for him.

Translator : Burhan Uddin
Translator, writter and research assistance at ESAM (Economic And Social Research Centre)

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